A New Study

 Another study has just been published. It states that there are too many studies being published. Ever notice how many scientific studies are being published and quoted to all of us? It is mind boggling. These studies range from how many people are using outdoor toilets to what cats really prefer to eat. But then in a few months or years a new study will emerge that will contradict the previous study. I heard one the other day that stated that eating a big breakfast has a tendency for individuals to gain weight. I was previously told that a big breakfast was the best way to loose weight in that it helped charge the metabolism and killed some of the hunger demons for the rest of the day. Who knew?

We are inundated with studies, and when we hear the words a study has been published we all strain to hear as if it were the voice of God. Maybe the scientists with all their studies are attempting to speak for God, to uncover some great mystery to share with the people. IT is a laudable effort. But science is only one facet of our lives. It has done some good, creating medicines, giving us sanitary conditions and uncovering hidden truths. However it is limited in its scope. It is limited by who is doing the study, who is paying for the study, and the bias of the scientists. Yes, experiments like statistics can be manipulated to tell the researcher what they want to hear, just ask four out of five dentists about Crest toothpaste.

Forgotten in all of these studies and research is the human equation. Not everybody thinks the same way, dresses the same way or even wants to, though Madison Avenue would like it is we would. What has been forgotten is the response of the soul and the destiny each of us has been given. While the studies might give us a little insight they are not the voice of God nor the final word. The soul knows what is best for us, our own bodies will tell us what is appropriate.

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