When I went to school the study material was laid out in front of us all. There were math books, history books, biology books and English books. The state in its wisdom said that it knew what we needed to study and learn. If we were going to pass the standardized tests then we all had to be standardized. So I learned very early that there was only one answer to the questions posed in class and on the tests. We were not allowed to go outside the presented material. I once asked a teacher if I could come in after class and continue a science experiment. The teacher said he didn't have time for that. That was the end of that.

I have since learned that to "educate" means to draw out, to pull out of the individual what exists inside, within the soul. What is it that this individual has to offer to all of us, what do they bring to each of us? My education however, was what I called bulimic education. For years I would suck in the information and puke it out on the tests to show the teachers how much I had taken in. If I puked up enough I could pass the tests.

So through the years I have become standardized, just like everyone else. This way IBM, 3M, ATT and others will know exactly what kind of worker they will receive upon graduation from the education experience. They want someone who knows reading writing and arithmetic. They want someone who will take orders and fit into the cog appropriately. Creativity is stifled, new ideas are frowned upon, and free thinking is often seen as a threat. This isn't really education it is more brainwashing to make sure that nobody gets out of hand.

My grandparents used to know what plants were helpful in curing some problems. Got a bee sting, a cut that won't heal put a little plantain on it and it will do wonders. Got a cold or caught the flu, elder berries will cut down if not prevent the flu. This too was education. But we no longer need to think for ourselves we have professionals who know what is best. Best practices you know is the cure for what ails us, even though we are individuals, but don't tell anyone it could disrupt the flow of things.

Sad isn't it, that the more educated we become the more we look-alike and doom ourselves due to lack of creativity and possible new thoughts. And the darkness rolls on, one grade at a time.  Phone 507.339.0045