Jungian Therapy

Jungian psychotherapy is a comprehensive approach to the human psyche (Soul) that is based on the psychology of Carl Jung. Jungian psychotherapy can be effective treatment for a variety of psychological problems (especially depression and anxiety disorders), but, perhaps more importantly, it can be used for personal growth after any psychological symptoms are alleviated.Jungian psychotherapy offers a safe, supportive environment to explore the ways in which you can live a fuller, more authentic life—one in which your whole self can shine through. Some of the issues that might bring you to this process include issues with relationships and/or self-esteem, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, career and life direction issues, creativity and spiritual impulses.  Because Jungian psychotherapy views the therapeutic relationship as a partnership, we work together to best understand and treat symptoms which may be causing distress as well as patterns and attitudes that may be limiting your sense of self. We also pay close attention to new directions, including forgotten dreams and talents, which can enrich your experience of being alive..

People without diagnosable psychological disorders can benefit from entering Jungian psychotherapy for personal-growth reasons. A number of health care professionals (psychotherapists, clergy, physicians, nurses, etc.) and others have done this over the years. Using Jungian psychotherapy for personal growth also uses dreamwork as a core ingredient in moving toward psychological maturity. Jungian psychotherapy has helped many people discover more meaning and joy in their lives. If you are interested in Jungian Psychotherapy for a psychological problem, for personal growth, or if you mainly want to work with your dreams, this is the place to begin your journey.

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