Dream Work

  Dreams are messages from the Self, the center or core of the personality and they tell us how we feel. Even as our conscious minds struggle to make sense out of our varied experience, dreams reveal deeper layers of truth about who we are and how we perceive our lives. Frequently dreams point out pathways toward healing, new possibilities, or forgotten interests that can enrich our lives in ways not previously imagined.

  When a person's world view is outdated, the person may have destructive dreams: earthquakes, tidal waves, burning houses or cars, people chasing him or her, etc. These dreams may correlate with psychological symptoms such as depression or anxiety. Part of the reason for the anxiety or depression at these phases is that the old outlook is under attack (in the case of anxiety) or is dying (in the case of depression). A depressed woman dreams:

"I am standing in a building with my children, waiting for the end of the world."

    In the woman's case, her depression was lifted as she developed a larger, more fitting world view for the stage of life she was entering.

     It appears that each individual has a unique life path, and the Self helps guide a person to his or her psychological maturity along that life path. The Self is like a coach who wants to bring out the full potential of the individual he or she is working with. The Self, especially through dreams guides the individual through his or her various life stages. Carl Jung once said that we all walk in shoes too small. Too often we limit ourselves, our talents, and our passions to better fit our sense of how we "should be" in this world. Walking in shoes too small can create a sense of disconnect with ourselves and our lives.

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